Rouen, France (Kontax): In addition to a full range of basic features, each Kontax account now includes a multilingual newsroom which automatically displays your Kontax press releases and your posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc., all updated in real time. Each Kontax newsroom can be displayed on any number of third-party sites, optimizing communication visibility. NB There is no impact on the Google ranking of the source or target websites. As a Kontax Translator, you can create a Kontax account for each your customers, including the newsroom. The newsroom can then be displayed on your customers’ websites, and on those of their subsidiaries etc. This means you can now provide an end-to-end communication service, including the publication, translation and distribution of your customers’ press releases, and a multilingual digital newsroom for use by journalists. Example:
Inttranews – Daily News Site for Linguists