Rouen, France (Kontax): Language Service Providers are entitled to join Kontax with “Translator” status, free of charge, with the following advantages: 1. Multinational: Each of your offices in each country can create their own Kontax account, in their own language (Kontax is available in 67 languages). 2. Multilingual: As a Kontax Language Service Provider, you can publish your press releases and those of your customers in any or all of those 67 languages. 3. Free syndication: press releases concerning the language industry are syndicated free of charge on more than 400 websites worldwide 4. Global reach: We distribute press releases to a network of 900,000 opt-in journalists in over 100 countries, and our service includes automatic real-time reporting on media impact 5. Social impact: the title of every press release is immediately relayed to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn 6. Free publicity: your offices in each country can also publish a short advertisement for their services with each press release, free of charge. 7. Low cost: the fee for publishing a press release (or its translation) is EUR 12, 9, 6 or 3, based on the Gross Domestic Product rating (GDP) of your country. 8. Greater profits #1: you charge your customers your normal fee for translating their press releases PLUS your fee for publishing them on Kontax 9. Greater profits #2: As a Kontax Language Service Provider, you have a 20% discount on normal Kontax fees – meaning a further 20% profit on the fees charged to your customers. To join Kontax, just click on “create an account” and follow the instructions. As a Language Service Provider, you will be granted “Translator” status, free of charge.
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