Question by italian_honey06: Language..?
I am italian and i feel very embarrassed when ppl get to know that and i cant speak the language. So my question to you is how do i learn the italian language and be able to remember it either from websites or the best books and/or audio cd/tapes?

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Answer by Ced
Well done for taking up Italian. I hope you will enjoy the language as much as I do.The best book that has helped me was “Teach Yourseld Italian Vocabulary” because it contained a lot of Italian words categorised into different subjects like holidays, food, shopping, etc. That way I could pick up more words than simply using a dictionary.As for verbs and their conjugations, use “501 Italian Verbs” as it’s the best series of verb books around. Great to look up those verbs. Double consonants? Weird ending? You’ll find it in there.As for learning the actual languages, the “Teach Yourself” series is always a good start because they offer the combination of book and CD. And CDs are handy because you should be able to also copy the content in .mp3 format for you MP3-Player! Imagine learning Italian on your way to work…The best way, however, I improved my Italian was simply watching Italian films and reading Italian magazines. If you like reading fashion magazines, then read Italian fashion magazines. If you’re into news, than read Italian news. That way you already know the topic and you just need to read (or watch) it in Italian.

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