Lack of a common language can be a great hindrance to communication making the need of someone with language interpreting skills a very vital binding factor. It becomes much harder if the information is being passed over the phone where even gestures can not work making the need for phone interpreting an a must demand to aid effective communication between people of diverse ethnic and language backgrounds.

SOS Talk language interpreting


We provide our clients with a varied range of language interpreting services from the cross cultural and bilingual interpreters with phone interpreting skills.

The phone interpreting programs that we have are very fast and modern with an easy way of connecting you to the relevant interpreter with the required language interpreting know how.


At SOS Talk, we have well above 1000 phone interpreting and language interpreting staff who are always working towards ensuring that any language interpreting need that you may have is fully met.


Our efficiency


SOS Talk phone interpreting and language interpreting service providers maintain our clients’ data that can be used to help them know how much they use while accessing our services for the purposes of their records.


Our language interpreting and phone interpreting services are all automated to ensure quick connection to our staff that ensure that our clients achieve optimal benefit from the phone interpreting services and language interpreting services they sought from us.

Our costs

We provide both the phone interpreting and language interpreting services at very affordable prices. As much as we do not have a starting fixed rate, we have a very considerate per minute charges on all the language interpreting or phone interpreting services you receive from us.

Working hours and days

Our committed team of staff works around the clock; to ensure that any phone interpreting or language interpreting needs do not leave our clients stressed up with no one to take care of them because of time lateness or time difference.


Our staff


We have a well trained and skilled staff on both language interpreting and phone interpreting. The staffs we have at our disposal are able to handle a number of phone interpreting and language interpreting needs on a wide range of professional fields like legal, educative, medicine, government, insurance, real estates and many more professional fields and tend terminologies.


Our staffs originate from bilingual background so as to be able to meet the needs of our international clientele in the provision of language interpreting and phone interpreting services without any hindrances of accent incapacities.


For the convenience of serving across cultural clientele, we have our staff coming from different cultural origins always making our company very successful in the telephone interpreting and language interpreting of transverse information from one cultural set up to another without any inflictions into cultural aspects.


Our staffs are able to pass information in the most original form possible making sure that meaning is not lost while either phone interpreting or language interpreting.

Transacting business between people of different cultures and languages cannot be easy without the help of language interpreting experts. SOS Talk have taken this factor into consideration and decided to consolidate phone interpreting experts and provide the service to any willing buyers.

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