What is Machine Translation?

Automated translation, more unremarkably named to as machine translation uses computer software to statistically examine and render text presented in one language to another language. The software transfers the structure of a source language (the original language of the text translated) into the target language (the language to which it is being interpreted). Machine translation can be separated into two categories, one done by a computer entirely, and the other that requires human involvement.

The Need for Automated Language Translation

Language translation is a fast growing field for the use of computers in translation with the demand for supporting documentation to be available in multiple languages. Online language translation is another area that presents formidable translation challenges with abbreviations, misspellings, absent punctuation, idioms, colloquialisms, fabricated words and sentence fragments in the source language.

Why Machine Translation Matters

The complexity of individual languages can be traced to their sentence structure and word meanings, and involves a lot of ambiguity. Besides, human translation, as opposed to worked translated work can be expensive and clocking-consuming, thereby forcing companies to invest heavily in time and money. So, while the demand for translation grows, it gets increasingly difficult for organizations to compete with low prices and short delivery terms.

Advancements in Language Translation

Language translation software applies algorithms to perform statistical machine translation and translates in a shorter span of time. Translation software can do a full translation of previously unseen text and can also be customized to suit any subject area or style. Over a period of time, such customization lets the software “learn” to accurately translate highly technical material.

Translation technology continues to evolve and develop intelligent systems that increase the probability of delivering customized and accurate translations every time.

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