Language translation means translating documents from one language into another. These documents could be a project report, medical report, user manuals, letters, faxes or any other paperwork. It could also involve website translation, where website is translated from one language say German into another language say French. In certain cases, website localization may also be involved. Here the website is customized to include nuances of the same language. E.g when translating a website in US English into UK English, words like favor and honor used in US English have to be converted in favour and honour in UK English. All this is achieved by using the services of expert language translators.

The rise in globalization saw an increase in demand for language translation services. To capitalize on this opportunity, many translation companies have entered this business. As a result, customers are highly benefited due to the competitive prices charged by these companies. However they also face the prospect of making a wrong choice of choosing the language translator. This is due to the fact that there are no standards considered as benchmarks of the service provided. So here is the checklist of important points that every customer must pay attention to when choosing a language translation service.

How to select the suitable language translation company?

What are the certifications held by translation company? Is it ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certified? These certificates denote the highest quality of service provided by the company. Are the old clients of the translator satisfied with the service standards of the company? Did they get excellent service from the company? Was the company able to meet deadline successfully? Interested in translating medical document in Italian? If so, is the translator medically-qualified? Is he native Italian speaker? Getting specialized documents like medical reports from a medical expert is important, as many medical terms cannot be understood by non-medical professionals. This can lead to translation errors that can be fatal. Also asking a native Italian speaker to do the translation will help in getting quality translation than getting it done from a non-native Italian speaker. Is the language translator you are considering located abroad? If so, are they ready to accept payment through the payment method of your choice? Is the translation company ready to provide translated document in your preferred format? E.g. it must provide you with the translated document in PDF format, if that is what you want.

These are common tips that you can use to choose the right translator and get the best translation service.