Lyric Labs provides high quality, fast turnaround technical translations at competitive rates. Lyric labs has networked with more than 7000 translators worldwide for language translation services for 150 languages.We specialize in providing technical translation. We use native speakers with technical background to work on your documents for translation. Our technical translators have a minimum of 3-5 years of translation experience.

With over 2500 clients worldwide, we are able to provide technical translations into over

150 languages.Some of our clients for whom we continue to do technical translation services are American Power Corporation, Ford, Caterpillar, etc.


We use native and qualified translators with technical background. We rather collaborate with these translators for many years now. Today Lyric Labs has developed its own translation memory for major industries like the Automobile, Engineering, etc. We use them to the advantage of our prospective clients. When we use translation memory, you reduce time and cost in translating your technical document. This also benefits in maintaining consistency across documents results in professional documentation work.


Lyric Labs is an ISO 9001, EN 15038 Certified company which is the only company based out of India to practice these standards. This means we ensure your documents meet all quality standards before it is delivered to you. We use our own proprietary project management to improve the efficiency of project management by connecting the Translation Supply Chain. We also use Trados Synergy for our project management. As a


Our Project management tools have the ability to simultaneously refer to multiple translation memories, via an Internet-enabled, high-performance translation memory (TM) database server or file-based TMs.


We know the files who send it to us for translation is very sensitive to the market, may be product literatures, specification diagrams, technical inputs. As a policy we do not transmit any data of our client through email to our preferred translators. We only use our 128 bit secured file management system to upload and download the translated files. When our client specified the files to be confidential, then we request our translators to log into our work bench which is situated in our office through a secured protocol and complete the translation.

Types of technical documents we translate

Technical manuals

Product literatures

Pre sale and post sale booklets

Service manuals

User guides

Installation manuals

Maintenance manuals

Engineering specifications

Bill of Materials

CAD drawings




Other marketing Materials

Operating Manuals


Safety Manuals (for print and interactive media)

Software and Hardware UI*

Training materials

Technical proposals

Other User Guides


We can share our client reference to establish our quality and delivery capabilities. Please write to us a [email protected] if you are interested to talk any of our clients. You can also use our free quote to know our rates or call us at 091 422 439 3030 to kick start the project.

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