Translating consists of construing the meaning of a text in one language and changing over that meaning into another language. Language translation transmits

the same message into another language. The avant-garde text is named “source text” and has to be interpreted to a “target language” to incur a “target text”.

Language translations have to take into account many constraints much as the context, the grammatical rules of languages, the composing conventions and

idiomatic expressions in both languages. In addition, specialised commercial language and vocabulary also has to be taken into account.

A non-professional translator might think that “word for word” translation between two languages is possible and that interpreting is an uncomplicated automatonlike

procedure. But bringing forth a denotative translation does not take into account the above-mentioned elements. Non-professional translators also sometimes blend

idioms from both languages which results in hybrid non-official languages much as “Frenglish”, “Spanglish”, “Poglish”, etc. However, it is by esteeming

strict linguistic rules and taking into account many cognitive elements that a professional translator avoids those kinds of mistakes. That is why it is best

to approach a professional translation company be it translation Regina or Edmonton translation services provider

There many different kinds of translations. We will seek to give some examples of them receipting that there are too many kinds of them to be all cited

here. So, we will focus on the main specialised fields of the nonrecreational translation. There is for example a kind of translation named Administrative

translation that consists of translating texts used by businesses, organizations and governments that are used in day-to-day management. Audio translation,

on the other hand, is about translating audio contents (recordings etc.) from one language to another

Another kind is the Commercial translation that is about translating documents used for corporate purposes such as tender documents, accounting records,

commercial correspondences, reports and similar documents. Another sub-field of translation are Computer translations (that disagree from the Computer Aided

Translation which is a tool). These admit translations of any documents tied in to computers much as software, manuals, assist files, etc. Similar to this

field is Web translation, such as website translation, XHTML files and so on.

Another field within the translation business is Economic translation which is similar to business translation but it is a specific term used to qualify the

translation of documents related to the field of economics. These kinds of texts are usually more academic. Financial translation refers to the translation

of financial texts much as swearing, annual reports, asset management, stocks, bonds, and akin topics, and requires highly specialised translation experts.

General translation can be considered to be the easiest field because general texts do not require specific or technical terminology knowledge to understand

them because the language used is not high leveled

Legal translation is considered to be one of the most difficult fields because it deals with legal documents such as contracts, statutes, treaties, patents,

litigation documents etc. This kind of translation requires a nonrecreational language translator who fully knows and understands both the law and the culture

of the languages he is translating. Literary translation deals with literature texts much as poems, novels, theater plays, and so forth. Medical translation

concerns itself with texts such as manuals for medical equipments, packaging of medicine, medical books, pharmaceutical research and requires highly

specialized professional translators. And last but not the least, Technical translation refers to sure fields much as masterminding or fabricating and

deals with texts such as manuals, instructions, test reports, and similar documents. Technical translation covers an ample range of fields, from automatonlike

engineering to chemistry to electrical engineering and many more and is a highly complex field that requires in-depth subject matter expertise.

As we have seen through this article, there are a lot of different kinds of translations and if you want to obtain high-quality results you need to select a

professional translation service provider that only selects translators with the highest degree of linguistic and subject-matter competence

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