Market Research Translation Case Studies

Organization Background

The Client is an International Market Research company providing all kind of Market Research Solutions.

Project Descriptions

The Client employs and retained for many years now. One of the departments of the Client is Open Ended Coding where they require the Translation of all the Survey Responses to fostered create reports based on the research. They have international industry leader clients and get the survey responses for various research subjects line including- electronics, medical research, information technologies which demanded to get translated. At the same time they also have to get the Survey Questionnaire translation. The Client trusts us to get the above Survey Responses and Questionnaire translated for all their international marketing research projects.


As these research projects are very critical and our client also needs to meet the end client’s timelines we get a very quick turnaround time, sometimes even of a few hours time.

Language Requirement

French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Flemish, Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese etc.


a) Very quick turnaround time. b) Specialized Subject line where only an experienced and native translator can do the translation. For example for a research related to Diabetes Drug, only a native translator with extensive experience in Medical translation can do this. c) Open ended Survey Responses always includes spelling mistakes, abbreviated words, various names and slangs. To get such translation done again we need a very experienced native translator.


Project management and round-the-clock translations makes it happen.

To meet the timelines, we have two policies, firstly our tight project management skills helps us get the work done on time and secondly we also ask our client to give us a heads-up for upcoming projects, as we have them as our regular client. To meet the quality, has one of the largest databases of paneled native translators. When we select our Survey Translators, we only select Native Translators and who have subject matter experience. For this case, we always follow the above policy and get the best quality translation for our client. In addition, interactive proofreading was incorporated during the various stages of the translation to guarantee the end product was grammatically accurate and technically perfect.


Very Quick Timelines: As explained above with our project management helps us deliver on time and always met the client’s expectation for them to finally meet the end client’s timelines.High Quality with Cost Effectiveness: Our client got best quality services in a cost effective way and they have also referred us to some other clients.Integrity: We have confidentiality agreements with our translators and integrity is one of value we are driven by. Customer Service: We ensure best customer service throughout our client communication and delivery process.

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