Therefore aesculapian translation is very important for a broad range of documents and reports. Medical translation normal deals with the translation of  Multimedia medical applications, psychology papers, patient information papers, Medical texts, medical reports, User guides for medical staff and patients, Medical prescriptions, Clinical, toxicological, pharmacological and biological information, Medical equipment: instruction manuals, brochures and software, medical questionnaires, Equipment, packaging labelling and medical terminology glossaries. Medical translation also involves patient information and history records, clinical study reports, patent applications, medical charts, hospital discharge summaries, general aesculapian documents, product specifications, insurance claims, manuscripts and many other documents related with medical terminology.

Medical translator always uses the current and up to date medical terminology, essential brochures and medical books while translating. Medical translation is a highly specialized discipline and should only be translated by suitably qualified translators wished qualified doctors who has a vast knowledge and experience in that field and have the good understand of source language and target language. Medical translation is given much priority among translation because it deals with medical field which comes under the essential subject matter which had to be dealt with much care and quick translation into different languages to meet the emergency need of the hour. Translating medical documenting and medical terms cannot be entrusted to a translator who simply speaks the native language. The translators use the current medical terminology and slang, appropriate medical terms and culturally sensitive language to give the intend meaning of a medical text.

Medical translation is done by the native speaker who has mastered the language and is an expert in the medical field because certain medical terms and it’s meaning varies from region to region, some local terms are also generally used among them so keeping in objecting all these a translator aims at giving the outdoing result in the assigned work.

Medical translation requires very specialized knowledge; the wording should be very exact and can have no ambiguity under any case. Getting the translation of a medical document incorrect can cause confusion, frustration, undue delay and loss of human life. As medical subject deals with many branches of specialization, it is better to hire a translator who has working experience in that specified subject so that the total outcome of the translation is without a mistake. 
A medical translator always understand the importance of urgency and pressure given in the translation of medical document in the assigned languages and meets the need of quick and correct medical translation. Sometimes a medical translator should be available online to meet the doubts and clarification in the translated document. It is always advised to cross check the final medical translation by an expert before delivery of the document to the client. This will ensure a better quality and error free medical translation.