When employing a translator or translation service it is significant to first analyze what type of translation is required. There are a broad variety of translation services uncommitted from judiciary, educational, to literary services. One of the most in-demand services is aesculapian translation.

Medical Translation is considered a specialized field of translation. Translators in the medical handle need to be adept at medical terminology, cultural distinctions, and colloquialism. Medical translators are different from medical interpreters. Interpreters work with doctors and specialists to provide immediate translation between caregiver and patient.

Translators are also used to transfer documents such as brochures and other medical materials from one language to another.

In medical translation it’s important to find translators who are also specialists in the medical field. This is because it is unimaginable to provide accurate translation without comprehension.

For example, the following sentence was taken from a pathophysiology text book:

The onset of hepatorenal manifestations may be gradual or acute. Oliguria and complications of advanced liver disease, including jaundice, ascites, and gastrointestinal bleeding, are usually present.

Understand what’s going on? If you do then you are probably a nurse, pre-med student, or doctor. Pathophysiology is a basic medical course necessary years before even entering aesculapian school. A translator may be fluent and a native speaker of two languages, but without the right background they are ill equipped for medical translations. Any language translation should be done by someone with specific knowledge of the field he or she is interpreted for.

Medical translation can be provided by companies that specialize in translation services, certified free-lance translators, or automated translation services.

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