Medical translation is a highly specialized field in translation services, in which medical documents, product brochures and health reports are translated from one language into another. Most of these documents contain lot of medical terms that are beyond the understanding of non-medical translators. Hence it is important that the medical translation be performed by qualified medical experts.

Looking at the growth prospects and rising demand for the medical translation services, many translation companies have entered the market. However not all of them can manage to provide the high level of quality standards in service. As medical translation involves translating the documents that impact the health and safety of people, any mistake in translation can be dangerous and leave your business neck-deep in lawsuits. Due to this, it is very essential to selection a correct translation company for your translation needs.

How to go about selecting a right company for medical translation?

If you are planning to use medical translation service for the first time, you can get easily confused looking at the large number of companies that have started offering this service. If you are in this situation, use this checklist to get help on choosing the correct translation company for your requirements.

What do the old clients have to say about the concerned translation company? Has the company managed to deliver quality work? Could it handle the strict deadlines? Was it flexible enough to accommodate any changes in the requirements? What are the certifications awarded to the translation company? The company having certifications like ISO 9001 and EN 15038 is better geared to provide you with high standards of service, which is essential for medical translation. What are the credentials of the employees hired by the translation company? Are they qualified medical experts? Are they native speakers of the language in which you want to translate the documents? E.g. if you want to translate Japanese medical document, the company should hire Japanese doctors for the job. They are best qualified to give you most accurate results. Can you pay the translation company by your preferred payment method? If you want to pay by credit card but they insist on wire transfer, then the company is no right for you. Is the translation company open to providing translation on the platform of your choice? E.g are you looking to get the document in PDF format for Windows XP? Does the company provide such a service?

The key to selecting the correct translation company will depend on the positive answers to the questions listed above. Answer them and you will not go wrong.