Question by : Most important language(Turkish/Spanish) for an interpreter of justice?
I’m studying @ high school to become an interpreter of justice. I have to decide in 2 weeks which extra language I’m going to study besides French, German, Dutch and English. Choice: Turkish or Spanish. But what is the most important language for an interpreter of justice? I live in Belgium. We have a high turkish population here but Spanish is worldwilde more important. Which language should I pick?

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Answer by sitboy23
Turkish. Besides a higher popular in your own country that Spanish speakers, less people world wide speak it. That means that when they DO need someoen to translate, they have to turn to you. Besides that, it is a lot less similar to your other languages than Spanish, As you already will study French and English, Spanish will be less diffecult, making it easier to self study. For a totally new language like Turksh it is best with a program, such as at your school.

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