I was believing the other night while I was getting to sleep, how being on one of those level elevators at the airport is an outstanding metaphor for depicting how friends emanate and go in our life.

While we are on them some people rest at the same speed as us, moving merely as tight as the elevator takes them, others might rest at our speed momently and then move and others are in such a rush to get frontward as tight as is potential for them.

To me friends are like this in many ways. I infer we can have connections with the same people throughout our overall life, a friend who will keep to be in resonance with us, although their path won’t be the same, they will proceed to be around us in some form. Then we can see people who are merely in our life for what seems like one moment, and then frequently to outstanding sadness we will not glimpse them again.

However, when we are at an airport we are there for a purpose and have to lag hard-and-fast times or we will lose our flight. We are not there looking for something to do and ramp around.

At times we can experience the demand to have onto our friends, through our memory’s with them and the sense of safety and belonging they take to our life. However simply like being on the elevator there comes a time when some of the people on there will have to go their freestanding ways.

We have all heard of the telling previous friends are the better friends, when I redound on this view I can glimpse that this is not e’er the case and could be described as a half truth.  I think the people we see as friends are the ones we have a real connection with, regardless of whether we have known them for a month or many years, and we will know in our heart who those people are.

As in many ways I believe that very often friends are people who validate each other on some level and if there comes a time when one of them changes their views radically or even somewhat this could lead to a gradual or sudden distancing between friends. Especially, if one of the friends feels threatened by the changes being made and doesn’t want to change themselves. Or maybe it’s just a case of its time to let go and move on and appreciate the time you have had together.

”Friends are a gift and not a right” – Oliver Cooper

My conclusion to this would be that people come and go from our life, each offering us the change to grow and to heal our wounds. And that the people who are right for us will always appear at the right time in our lives.

If you feel this has been of value to you please jilt a comment or get in touch with me. I  appreciate your comment’s and views.

My name is Oliver Cooper, I been have been interested in this area for over seven years and I have only began to evince my current understanding with these writings. One of my aims is to be a catalyst to others, as other people have been to me.

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