Norwegian is preponderantly uttered in Norway and in some parts of Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Any external firm covering with the natives of these geographical regions will require a Norwegian translator to establish bland communication. However, one should test lingual skills of the service provider to ensure quality output.

Norwegian Translator: Range of Services
A Norwegian translator usually offers the following five types of linguistic services:

* Technical translation: This is the highest paid service, since it requires technical knowledge of a specific domain. It calls for a highly-certified individual with expertise in both relative technology and the language. The most important consideration is the knowledge of accurate jargon in the translating language. A proof-reader has to ensure that the copy reads fine and makes sense for not only amateurs but also technicians.
* Scientific translation: This includes medical translation, research work and scientific work. Like technical content, scientific translation also calls for specialist knowledge and adherence to appropriate terminology in the translating language.
* Literary translation: This requires specialist knowledge of the source as well as the translating language. Here, the translator has to ensure that the original feelings and context are retained rather than focusing only on word-for-word translation. Literary translation calls for excellence in vocabulary, grammatical precision, originality of contented and appropriate usage of words.
* Legal translation: Individuals with understanding of legal terminology in both the languages can be delegated the difficult task of legal translation. It calls for a high degree of precision as legal sanctity of the document has to be maintained at all times.
* General translation: This is the easiest form of translation, which does not require specialist knowledge.

Apart from these watertight compartments, one can also hire a Norwegian translator for former linguistic services, such as business translation, website translation or news translation.

Norwegian Translator: Compliance with Local Standards
While selecting a Norwegian translator, one should ensure that s/he complies with the standards set up by the Norwegian Language Council. The council regulates underlying rules that govern the language usage. Failure to comply with the standards will attract legal action from the governing council. Also, readers do not prefer to read improper language with syntax or grammatical errors.

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