In its points and The EU report on the translation industry addresses the unmediated link between price and quality in the translation business and the eminent cost of salvaging on translations. Other than that, the 426 pages of the report frost lots of technological issues interesting merely for translation service providers.

In order to understand the source of the evergrowing number of cheap translation services, one needs to understand the particularity of the translation business. Entry barriers are identical low for translation companies so an ever-increasing quantity of individuals and companies are constantly entering the market. Yet, the number of qualified linguists remains quite stable. As a resultof the ever-increasing number of suppliers, qualified linguists are facing unfair competition in terms of price, as they are facing unqualified translators ready to work for peanuts.

These cheap translators are providing low quality services, marginally better than these provided by on-line translation programs, which you can get for complimentary. As long as the translated documented are meant for internal use lone, the potential damage to your company is low, unless the poor quality of the translation causes misunderstandings that could lead to costly management errors.

Direct damages resulting from cheap translation are those resulting from skimping on the translation of your website, for example. Regardless of how much the website’s visitor is aware of the flawing still plaguing translation programs, when he lands on a website brimming with spelling, grammatical and/or stylistic mistakes, he automatically reacts negatively and might leave your site as a result.  If you are investing in driving traffic to your website without investing in turning it into a dependable window to your product or services, you will rapidly lose far more than what you salvaged in translation, whether through rocketing bounce rates affecting your difficult gained PageRank or through decreased ROI on traffic building.

This is especially true when you translating between two languages belonging to unlike linguistic families, say from English to Hebrew for example, as the difficulties in translating are compounded by the structural differences between the two languages, a hurdle that is difficult to overcome for translators and certainly for automated translation programs.

The EU report on the translation industry blames failure of company to thrive on foreign market to the savings performing on translating the relevant material and indicates that these failures are unfairly blamed on the local management services.

In other words, if your company ever wants to expand in foreign countries, investing in a good, professional and verify translation will go a hanker way to enable your business to start on a healthy base abroad. On the other pass, if you want to cripple it from the start, by all means, save on the translations!

We offer translation services for Hebrew in combination with most European languages. All translations are performing by professional linguists working in their mother tongue and in their field of specialization. All translations are reviewed and edited by linguists other than the translators. We cater for translation projects of all size and are able to provide notarization for certain translations. Milatova is affiliated with ATA, ATC, EUATC, the Israeli Export Institute, the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce and the Israel-France Chamber of Commerce and is recognized by the French Consulate in Tel Aviv.

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