Philosophical interpretation of the Tsunami in Japan, the land of Gog and Magog!

Not without purpose the tsunami hit the northern part of the Gog and Magog in Japan today. But the Shentoists taken by the spirits of their ancestors do not understand the philosophic- metaphysical dimension of the water wave. Those who are Buddhists among the Japanese Gog and Magog, while the rest are Shentoists, abide by the philosophy of Buddha, whether in a sitting deploying, standing position or lying position.

They, most of them, if not all, are robotic machines , just like their robots and machines they manufacture and flood the world with it. These little strange Gogs and Magogs, have not the faintest idea about discerning reality. Not surprising, they did not even discern, with their sophisticate scientific electronics devises, the tsunami before only few seconds. But the Giant wave struck their cities and reduced them to crumpled, it overtook them by amazed and devastated their lives. More than five thousands of these Gogs and Magos are perished in few minutes under the pressure of the giant wave.

Their sophisticated machines with all the advancement of scientific knowledge they achieved, and surpassed the world with it, did not warn them against the earthquake in the near by ocean. They have implanted everywhere their scientific advanced devises but alas their machine did not respond. What scientific knowledge is this? What scientific devices are these? In the land of earthquakes, not one robotic device, and they are so well at making these, did not a give them the slightest warning about death coming to their homes, their cars, their towns.

But they did not and shall never understand the message. They shall always invoke their ancestors spirits to help them and assist them in their plight. They consider all these earthquakes and tsunamis are not warning by nature. Nature, itself being a mediator and tool of a the drove that made Japan, gave them life and took it, and direct the tsunami to remind them of its power and its control.

Well, the Gog and Magog, keep lighting candles in their Shintoist shrines and Buddhist temples, for those who are in constant communication with the spirits of their forefathers. As for the great majority of the Gog and Magog, they do not need these heathen practices for they know better, they deny the power that made all, natural phenomenon included.

They are rather fully occupying with their little toys and conquering the world market for electronics to do more money. They do not understand that money does not stop Tsunamis and earthquakes, and lesser still their funny stupid toys can save them from the anger of nature and the power that made nature.

So Gog and Magog of Japan, mediate in the name of Buddha and the spirit of your grandfathers, and enjoy playing with your little toys but turn yourselves away from truth and reality!  

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