SOS Talk phone interpreting

We are the world’s number one automated phone interpreting service providers. We help you get the best call interpreter for any language you need help with by organizing the most appropriate plan that can suit your individual need.


Our phone interpreting staffs are always on standby and the automated system is able to select the best for you needs whenever you want a call interpreter by just sending you an email of a detailed preferred phone interpreting staff list to choose from.


We provide you with the chance to make a choice of the call interpreter you would love to handle your call interpreting needs by sending you notifications of those who have served you in the past.


SOS Talk records all our clients phone interpreting calls made and these are sent to the client for their personal records if requested at absolutely no cost.

Our efficiency


At SOS Talk, we are able to provide you with an easy and fast way to have a three way effective communication through our automated phone interpreting services by connecting you to a call interpreter who will ensure that your communication with your business client or partner provides the both of you with the desired satisfaction.


Our connectivity to an appropriate call interpreter takes no more than 30 seconds to ensure that every phone interpreting challenge you may be faced with is handled promptly with professional satisfaction.

Our costs


We have the most affordable pay as you go prices for our phone interpreting services and there are no added costs if you want to make a test of what we offer or you are making a consultation for any availability of a suitable call interpreter.


We charge equal prices for all the phone interpreting services that you get from any SOS Talk phone interpreter.


We have special arrangements for our regular phone interpreting clients that can see charges reduced on the services provided by our call interpreters.


Emergency cases where by a call interpreter to do some phone interpreting is very much required to handle some urgent situations, are also at our fairest price considerations with possible reduced rates for police and hospitals.

Working hours and days


SOS Talk services are available every single day of the week for 24 hours to give you the best call interpreter to conduct call interpreting for you.

Our staff


SOS Talk has a staff number which is way over 1000 professionals. We only work with the best call interpreters who come from across cultures, can understand various languages and have undergone appropriate training on phone interpreting skills.


Our phone interpreting staff posses proficiency on several fields like medical, legal, insurance, mortgaging and many others so that whichever field you need help in there always will be a call interpreter to handle your case without a doubt.


Our staff will relay your message in its original form after doing a full analysis of the message.


The SOS Talk staff is basically trained to make your phone interpreting experience much easier and at your convenience. The company ensures that every client gets the services from their most preferred call interpreter particularly for repeat client.

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