Question by phyllisbinger: Please assist me with interpretation of this dream?
I was in a room with a double bed which had a pool of blood on it. I got a cloth to try & soak it up, because I was afraid that someone might see it. I pulled back the cover and there was more blood. I frantically tried to mop that up, but the more I mopped, the more I saw. My great neice was in the room, and she was giving explanations using grammar far in advance of her years – she was about 3 in the dream, although she is actually 21 – and using scientific terminology which I doubt she even knows up to now. I took the material, and firstly tried to flush it down the toilet, but had to take it out because it blocked everything. The surprising thing was, my hands never got any blood or water on them. I woke up feeling panicky. Please help me with a dream interpretation.

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Answer by bustinuplfn
Well what did you do to yur neice when she was a kid?you obviously are feeling guilty about something that you GOT away with.Did you molest her.

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