Pocket electronic translator- electronic device, capable to translate of words and phrases, which input using a keyboard, touch screen, and even speech, as well can be used as a notebook and has other useful features 

Today, millions of people worldwide use the Language Teacher, translator, teacher of foreign languages and office manager in one device. The electronic translator is essential for translation and studying of foreign language, also for business, and while visiting other countries. Electronic translator is able to actually solve the language problems of people for who overcome of the “language barriers” is a vital necessity. 

Using such a translator, in fact is very convenient: for example you enter unfamiliar word, say English word, and its, say, Spanish equivalent appears on the screen at once, and vice versa. Translators are available for many languages of the world, we have 48, including voice translators for 35 languages! The most advanced models are real mini-computers – they are able to translate not only single words but the full texts, and also have many useful capabilities, such as: a digital recorder and organizer, possibility working with E-mail and faxes.

Scanning electronic translator – simply irreplaceable thing for people studying foreign languages, will save a lot of time in the translation of foreign texts. To translate, you need just scan an unfamiliar word using a translator’s scanner and word will appear on its screen with the translation options. If necessary, you can also enter a word, using the buttons on the case of a translator.

People are buying electronic translators for educational purposes and for work. With an electronic translator, you will never find yourself in trouble situation, if translation of unfamiliar foreign word or even text is urgently required. You can safely forget the thick paper dictionaries – in memory of electronic translators may be placed up to 1 million words in several languages. Some translator models even provide self-adding of the meanings of unfamiliar words! In addition, it can contain lists of irregular verbs, idioms, etc., which will also greatly assist you when studying a foreign language. Many buyers are attracted by additional features: a notebook, an electronic organizer, calculator, digital recorder, etc. – all these in one extremely compact body and at very reasonable price. 

Selecting an electronic translator

When choosing electronic translator for yourself, think what you want to get from it. What features do you need? Do you plan to use it as an organizer, a digital recorder or to work with E-Mail and faxes? Do you need to derive access to the Internet? How many words in the translator’s memory do you need? What languages should it support? Which version of information input more suitable: with the help of a small keyboard or touch screen or just voice? So taking into consideration all your needs and corresponding prices, you should choose your electronic translator. And remember what opportunities you will get together with a pocket electronic translator!

Pocket electronic translators:

 -help you get started correctly speak a foreign language

 -enable you to instantly translate from one language to another

 -speak with you on all the rules of phonetics, foreign language

 -you teach grammar through living, easily memorable examples

 -taught a popular colloquial expressions, idioms and slang

 -enrich your speech, suggesting synonyms of known words

 -help develop the correct pronunciation, intonation and stress

 -enable you to store the necessary information and to arrange time

 -give you wide communication possibilities

 -easily fit in your pocket or jacket handbags


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