Privacy Policy


The Free Translations Privacy Policy

Statistics: The only statistics that Free Translations track are the total number of times that each of our web pages was loaded each month.

Cookies: You will not receive any cookies, from any web page by loading . But, many of the web sites that Free Translations links to will send you cookies, once you arrive at their site.

Data That You Enter: We cannot view any data that you enter into any search form at this site. We have no way of knowing if you even click on a hyperlink or a Translate button on any of our web pages.

Data Returned from Your Query: When you click on a Translate button, your search data is always returned from another web site. The name of that web site, and a link to it, always appear to the right-hand side of the Translate button. To discuss data returned from a form, you would need to contact the designated web site — because this web site has no control over data served by other web sites.