Award interpretation software or likewise known as time and attendance software is becoming democratic in the business world because of its ability to reckon an employee’s log-ins and outs depending on the business rules and then can be mated with the pre-being payroll system.

Implementation of the software gives every businessman the power to manage any type of business quickly and accurately either closely and remotely. However, its advance features can be utilized depending on the implementation, so keep an eye on these issues before implementing one.

Here are 5 issues you must know before hitting the clutch.

1. Wrong choice of provider or vendor

Who said that this has nothing to do with award interpretation software implementation?

I consider this the most critical part in implementing a time and attendance system with award interpretation software. The World Wide Web has a lot of time and attendance software vendors to offer but not all of them are reliable. Some would use their marketing skills to lure you to the site’s “buy button” but after implementation has been done and issues surface up in the long run, they are nowhere to be found.

2. Hardware and software Compatibility

This is where technicalities posing in. If you have an existent payroll system running on a specific operating system, you will need a lot of assisting from the I.T. department.

Operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac vary from each other and these differences affect the performance of your chosen time and attendance software. Although some award interpretation software packages are intended for a specific operating system, there are software tools that have a variety of versions compatible to every operating system.

3. Network Configurations

Once the hardware and software terminals are in place, it’s time for a little network configurations. If you are not into I.T., the basic meaning of network is how the computers or devices communicate with each other. Visualize how the biometric devices will capture the clocking events of employees, pass the data to the computer, let the award interpretation software do the computations considering the business rules, generate export files that will be imported to the payroll system.

Depending on the size of your business, network configurations can consume time, money and effort. If your business is in just one building then, Local Area Network (LAN) can handle the networking with a breeze. But if you have a large business and have branches to other areas, then a much complex network is suitable for you known as Wide Area Network (WAN).

4. Biometric issues

No matter how “perfect” the configurations are, they are not exactly made to escape some failures – of course, it happens.

Whether the biometric devices enter time and attendance through fingerprint, facial recognition, stain scan, iris scan or hand scan, expect that problems will occur sooner or later and if these problems are not addressed properly and quickly, there will be no go signal for the software to do the necessary computations.

It would be best if the employees will be allowed to make requests such as time adjustments because of missed punch due to biometric record capturing failure.

5. Security

Depending on your preferences, award interpretation software can be accessed over the internet and when we deal with the internet, we should prioritize security. Security not only from hackers or employees trying to sabotage their timesheet with their technical skills but also from viruses that can damage the whole system and also from sudden system crashes.

It is advisable to install antivirus software and strengthen your firewall and also be sure to put the back-up files to effective back-up storage.

There you have it, 5 issues that will occur during award interpretation software implementation. These issues may not occur coherently with this article but the first one is certainly to appear first and should be prioritized – it can make or break your time and attendance system.

Be the World Wide Web your tool to search for the best time and attendance software provider that will not let you solve these issues on your own. Let this article be your first step on implementing a cost-effective time and attendance software that will catapult your business to success.

Carl Dupas works as a Business Consultant specializing in ERP system implementation. He has been in the business industry for almost 2 decades and has conducted seminars about the proper usage of time and attendance software and how it is essential to all kinds of business.

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