Swift economic development world wide brings the globalization and internalization of economy. So the business communication between people from various countries becomes much more frequent than ever. However, language and cultural difference forms a tough hurdle for those who always need to participate in business conferences and events all over the world. Overcoming the problem or not becomes the key to any business success. As an integral cog in the wheel of cross cultural communication, language interpreter plays a vital role in smoothing away such difficulty.

A seasonal and professional interpreter’s expertise translating skills transfer essence from one language to another. They could ensure you a good beginning of a profitable trade or business relationship, laying the foundation for your future business success. On the contrary, bad interpreter easily leads to large amounts of lost money, the end of business transactions, even the termination of business relationship.

Finding your suited interpreting company or agency is not as easy as you imagine. Although the internet today is flooded with such kind of companies, agencies or talents, how do you know the degree of their interpretation professional level and their reliability?

I. Generally, a quality interpreter always has the following merits:

1. High interpreting efficiency. A professional interpreter needs to master both source language and target language. He/she usually specializes in one or more specific fields/topics, like science, medical, business contract and mechanic. And the capability of accurately, efficiently interpreting from one language to another is a must.

2. Excellent professional ethic. Interpreters usually unavoidably come across confidential company information. They should never use the information to harm clients, threaten company or earn personal profits. For the work beyond their capability, interpreting workers should not accept, even there is a large sum of money awaiting. Plus, these people shouldn’t over promise either your clients or you about something or delay their work.

3. Constant study enthusiasm. Oral translators need to be always ready to adapt to any change in this world for keeping and improving their capability. What’s more, they should be familiar with modern communication tools in order to do their job better and better.

II. When you opt for interpreting provider, you’d better choose:

1. A company or agency with strong reputation. Reputable company or agency could ensure you high standard interpretation, accurate results, on time delivery and great presentation. If you intend to choose China interpreting or translation services provider, Golden View is recommended. Built in 1996, they could offer language services in 60+ languages. Their clients include world famous Fortune 500 companies, like IBM, Google and Microsoft.

2. A company or agency with good translation or interpreting services. A good service provider needs to have abundant source of skilled professionals to tap, capable of offering you interpretation from individuals in any country’s mother tongue.

III. For a better interpreting efficiency, please note the following points:

1. Negotiate some rules with the interpreter beforehand, like the number of sentences translated at a time, confirmation of special phrases and some banned behaviors.

2. Deliver a general idea about the forthcoming interpretation to interpreter and prepare some important material that will be used in the interpreting for reference.

3. Treat them professionally.

4. Speak slowly. Interpreters are always under great mental pressure. Speaking slowly helps alleviate such pressure.

5. If you plan to give a presentation, speech, or alike, offer interpreter one copy. They will make you get your job done much better.

The marketing expert of Golden View. Established in February, 1996, Golden View is one of the largest professional translation and localization service providers. The company specializes in Website localization, Interpreting, Voice over, dubbing and subtitling, Document translation, Software localization and Multilingual Desktop publishing.

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