Many don’t fully understand what’s involved in the translation process; therefore, you should be well informed before selecting a translation company

Translation Process:

Well designed translation process is one of the keys for a successful translation project

Our system divides translation process into milestones enabling us to deliver translated documents faster and with a higher quality

The secure, on-line environment enables you to submit documents, obtain instant quote and track the status of the translation process on-line

Your dedicated Project Manager is working in the same system overlooking the project progress and on-time delivery

Any change requests made during the quality check can be submitted Online and will be forwarded instantly to a translator who was working on the translation of the document

Our translation process enhanced by the latest technological advances allows us to deliver the highest quality service for affordable price

Tips on Hiring a Translator:

When it comes to selecting a translator, we often ask ourselves, what are the criteria to follow to find the right professional? This article sets guidelines aimed to help you find the service provider that will satisfy your needs for translation services. The article discusses basic selection criteria

When social accuracy is a concern, it is decisive to insure that translator is autochthonal to the language the document should be interpreted to. A native speaker has usually not only the knowledge of the appropriate grammar but also knows cultural nuances of the language. A translator must take into account these nuances to ensure documents are translated accurately

Another important criteria is how well the translator knows the source language of the document. Even if the translator knows the target language very well, without the in-depth knowledge of the source language of the document, he may not be competent to enamour the accurate context and may interpret the document inaccurately to the target language

If you are familiar with either source or target language of the requested translation, you may want to ask the translator to send you some sample work to determine if the translator meets source and target languages criteria

Many of the translators do not obtain any formal education. In your selection you may want to give priority to translators, who have completed some type of linguistic school. This type of background comes often useful when translating text with a complex terminology. If the text for translation is tied in to an incomparable field, insure that the translator has some experience working with this field. Very often field ad hoc documents necessitate knowledge of the passed on vocabulary of which only a specialised translator may be alive of

When working with a translator, communication is one of the key elements of completing your project successfully. If the latent translator works afloat time, you have better chances for communicating with him more effectively. Part time translators may not be as answering as full time translators

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