Popular profession

There is a lot of professions in the world. Some are interesting, some are silly. Some are well paid, some are not. But the human psychology and mode of thinking is created in a way that they tend to think other professions and positions are more favourable than their own ones. To think taking into account the prejudices and stereotypes is not a good thing. But in general those stereotypes lead to misunderstanding and provide false situations to believe. The profession of an interpreter is not an exception.

This is not true

There exist a lot of myths connected with the profession of interpreter created by people. Here are some examples.

1.Everyone who knows strange language is able to translate

A lot of people do not need a translator to order meal or to make an appointment. But work with technical text requires not only understanding the content of materials but the excellent knowledge of native language in order not to make a lot of mistakes while translating.

2.Need for interpreters diminishes
From the one hand the number of people speaking foreign languages increases constantly. From the other hand, the partnership with foreign companies increases more. The necessity to translate a lot of different documents is evident. At last, the big number of students willing to become translators or interpreters proves that this profession still remains popular.

3.During the centuries nothing has changed in this profession
The working place of a translator and applied technologies have changed considerably during the last several years. Thick dictionaries on the bookshelves were replaced by the electronic ones. Special software for translators allowed to increase work efficiency.

4.Translating is not a creative work
In spite of the appearance of systems of machine translation the process of translation was and still remains the creative profession. The translation of a poor phrase allows to showing it in different ways. And the searching of decent term that is absent in a native language or a translation of loan motto may kept endlessly.

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