In a tight-changing world where your business is addressing with an increasingly divers population from all corners of the globe, the difference between success and failure could nestle in whether you are capable to pass efficaciously with your target audience.

Whether you are a commercial business involved in international trade, an agency providing service to an ethnic clientele, or an individual required to submit papers in one of the official languages for authorities in Canada, Global Translation and Writing Services tin aid meet your requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada, Global Translation and Writing Services is a professional language served provider consecrating to providing accurate and culturally sensitive multilingual communication serve that see and surpass industry standards.

Why Choose Global?

We provide professional translation services in over 60 languages: two-way translation of English to Chinese, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, German, Italian, Korean…and many other languages. We cater to translation for specialized subject matters and purposes: website translation and localization, technical translation, legal translation, marketing translation, financial translation, translation for government agencies, health-care sector, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and personal needs (e.g. immigration, employment, education…etc.). We have access to a global team of multilingual translators and professional writers with specialized knowledge in different industries and fields. Your translation assignments can be done by in-country native speakers who are familiar with local culture and linguistic use. We offer certified translations, notarized translations, and certified true copy services where required. We offer professional commercial writing services for business communication, technical documents, marketing copy, scripts, website content, and other purposes.We also offer optional value-added services, including layout and formatting for your translated documents, graphic design, print management, website design, voiceover services, multimedia productions, and on-site interpretation services throughout Ontario.We deliver projects on-time, with high quality, at affordable prices, with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Not only does Global take care of your translation needs, we also act as a business partner, helping to enhance your corporate image in the language you desire!

Quality – Our Way to Success!

At Global, we take pride in the high aim of quality that we deliver for every single translation assignment.

To start with, we recruit lonesome translators who are certified, have schematic educated in translation, or possess substantial proven experience in the field.  We vet proof of claims, check references, and reexamine sample work products before take a translator on. Our large pool of worldwide translators allows us to assign the most suitable professional to your project – ane residing in the geographical area where your recorded is to be released, who has the industry knowledge on the subject matter on reached.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed through our rigorous quality assurance process, which consists of a close working relationship with our clients, pre-translation document reexamining, professional translation, editing and proofreading, and any post-delivery revision requested by client.


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