This is an existent revolution, but you don’t cognize whom to infer in this world. I cognize how demoralized you experience while looking for solutions for your intolerable depression…. The solutions you find are more drear than the depression you transport in your heart… Nobody explains you anything, nobody truly knows anything.

I know how irritated you feel when you hear the many doctors and experts tell you that depression could be caused by this and that, without actually telling you your exact problem and more importantly, how to solve it.

When I was pregnant and I had lost my young cousin and my beloved mother-in-law in the same week of July, when my belly was starting to show and I was only thinking about my baby, I felt tremendous depression, but I was waiting a child… I could not give up.

The problems had only started with 2 deaths in the family that year… So many problems all at the same time… Everyone in my place was only depressed.

However, I started caring for my dreams and desperately sought a solution for my depression and fears. I was so insecure… I was always afraid that something bad would happen to me and my family again.

This was the beginning of my arduous path.

Even though my life was depressing, I was actually very lucky because I started to acquire how to interpret my dreams. I followed the guidance of the unconscious that produces the dreams and cures our depression, giving us new life by developing our conscience.

If I were treated by a psychologist, I would have experienced many more problems. Of course the doctor would not be able to cure me because my problem was very serious, as I verified by interpreting my dreams myself.

I suffered a lot but I’m very lucky because I found health! And I’ve being help so many people regain their health in the same way, that today I tinning only bless my suffering. It was worthwhile!

How many people in this world look for a solution for their depression but never find it? How many people spend a fortune and become dependent on a psychotherapist for their entire life?

I’m very lucky because the solution I found was the outdone one and I only spent money buying books that I studied with dedication because they saved my life.

The wise unconscious that produces our dreams is a real doctor, the best we can find! This doctor sends us messages for free and cures and advises us for life.

If you are depressed, start feeling better because there is a solution and you can find it within yourself. Your case will be examined in detail by the unconscious, and you’ll discover the best solution for you, based on your improved intellect and all the knowledge you will acquire by interpreting your dreams.

Don’t think that dream interpretation is as vague as interpreting poetry or something. My method of dream interpretation is a continuation of Carl Jung’s method; using this method, you’ll immediately learn how to translate dream images into words and understand how this information can help you.

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