A Windows computer can become unbootable for several reasons, ranging from an improper boot configuration to a corrupted hard drive. The further discussion presents a specific example of such problems and also the possible way to Recover Hard Drive. If it has been a hard drive related issue, chances are that you may lose all your data, which further necessitates you to apply your previous backup.

For clarifying boot-related problems in Windows, let’s consider the below mentioned error message that might appear when you try to start your Windows computer:

“Bad or Missing Command Interpreter.”

The error won’t allow you to access the data stored on your hard drive.


The above error can occur in various situations, some of which have been mentioned underneath:

The computer tries to boot from a non-bootable diskette or CD present in the drive

Hard drive has not been correctly configured within CMOS

Any of drvspace.bin, command.com, io.sys, or msdos.sys files is either missing or damaged

Hard drive is corrupted- MBR and/or partition table has get damaged

User Action

The solutions to the given problems are as below:

Make sure no diskette or CD is there in your computer when you are attempting to start your computer

Setup the boot options correctly. The right boot sequence is- ‘Floppy’, ‘Hard Drive’, ‘CD-ROM’, and ‘Network

Boot your computer with a floppy diskette with sys.com file on it. Get to A:\> prompt and execute ‘sys c:’ command. Remove the diskette and start your computer

Boot your computer with a Windows repair or install disc. At command prompt, execute ‘/fixmbr’ command. If the issue still continues, the last possible solution is to delete and recreate the hard drive partition(s).

After recreating hard drive partitions if you observe that restoring lost data from previous backup is not possible, a Hard Drive Recovery Software is the solution. Equipped with high-end scanning algorithms, these utilities can Recover Hard Drive data, while keeping the original integrity of original files and folders intact. Furthermore, these tools are effective and safe to use.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a comprehensive solution to recover lost and deleted Windows data from Windows disks. This Hard Drive Recovery Software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000, and includes a range of added options like, disk imaging, disk cloning, RAW recovery, and more.

The author is a B-tech and doing research work on data recovery software for hard drive recovery and also analyses how to perform windows 7 recovery

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