Question by Tainteddeceptions: Review the issue environing the incorporation controversy. In your ain words, explicate your interpretation of?
Review the issue surrounding the incorporation controversy. In your own words, explain your interpretation of the incorporation controversy. Do you think the Bill of Rights (Amendments I – X) should apply to all state and local governments? If not all ten, which ones? Explain your answer.

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Answer by I’M HERE
WWOOOWWWW !!!The / our Politicians, ” THE BEST POLITICIANS THAT MONEY CAN BUY”, have ‘watered down’, prostituted, ‘silently amended’ , IGNORED, the states rights. The incorporation of the states, is but one of many, many examples of their centralization of power, transferring the individual and collective states powers, to the ‘federal realm of authority’, “for the good of all”.I keep asking myself, ” JUST WHO IS THIS ALL, THE POLITICIANS KEEP REFERRING TO ?” Is this “ALL” the name of their individual trust funds, established by themselves, whereby they can accept bribes(in the form of political campaign contributions)?? “The benefit of ALL” ??Sorry I can’t do better, at this time.I do not have access to the info needed to explicitly respond to your question.

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