How to use Software to Reduce Translation Costs

Many companies nowadays are looking for solutions to have high-volume content translated in less time and for less money.  The blended translation method, although new to the industry, has become a highly appreciated solution that helps enterprises save time and huge costs paid to human translators, while still getting accurate translations.


What is a Blended Translation?

Translators are getting more and more requests to “intermix” or mix their by-hand translations with translation software. This way companies not only save money, but also time by having a lot of content translated faster.


Using Translation Software
Companies that want to ensure their important documents are translated accurately can choose to blend software translation with human translations. The quality of the translation is high than if only traditional translation software were to be used. In the same time, the cost is lower if the company were to pay exclusively for traditional human translation.
Final Editing on Software Translations

To make sure the delivered translation is easy to understand and that the terms are translated correctly, it is recommended to use a translator that can go through the final content and edit it where necessary. This saves companies a lot of time, especially when a high volume of content is needed, and they can be sure that the final translation will be accurate.

The process is very simple.  The text is first translated with the translations software, which uses dictionaries with specialized terminology.  After that, the rough draft can be proofread and edited by a native translator, preferably with experience in the company’s field, to ensure it is accurate and easy to read and understand.

Learn more about using translation software and the products companies worldwide are using to reduce the cost of translating documents.

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