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Simultaneous interpretation is the kind of interpretation where the interpreter listens to a message in the source language and interprets it simultaneously. Thus, listeners may listen to the text in either language since the source as well as the interpretation is being rendered at the same time. To enable such a process, interpreters need a number of state-of-the-art equipment, namely:*Booths*Push and talk microphones*FM receivers and transmitters*Control units and consoles for interpreters*Wireless receivers*Headsets for the audience*Other audio visual tools

Besides these, specific clients may have specific requirements. For instance, a highly confidential meeting may require infrared receivers and transmitters. In case of a tour, portable transmitters and receivers are required. For large scale meetings, clients may require interpretation equipment that can accommodate a number of languages at the same time. Thus, it is not possible to have a standardized set of requirements when it comes to interpretation equipment.Many people who need the services of an interpreter also require interpretation equipment on rental. Whether a company requires pieces of equipment for very large international conferences and conventions or for smaller meetings, a reputed interpretation service will be able to provide all the support they need. For example, a large convention or educational meeting would require full size booths for the interpreters and headphones for the audience. Since the audience may be a large group of people, the number of individual headsets is also quite high. On the other hand, in case of a small meeting, a more cost effective solution would be appropriate. The company may suggest the use of portable systems that contain wireless receivers and transmitters. As far as companies are concerned, there are options for owning or renting interpretation systems. Most clients prefer to take interpretation equipment on a rental basis. In such cases, the interpretation equipment rental company can provide all the necessary equipment and can walk you through the proper installation of such equipment. But, they would require a rough estimate of the number of attendees and the precise requirements of the client. In many cases, the company will even help clients select the right pieces of equipment for their meeting. Client specific service helps to reduce costs while improving the quality of service significantly. Before you select an interpretation service, it is important to check whether the company owns their own interpretation equipment. Some companies may hire equipment from a third party. But the quality of such pieces of equipment may not always be reliable. Interpreting booths, microphones, headsets and receivers have to be in mint condition and qualified technicians must be at hand to offer advice on the precise setup that will result in optimal results. Such a service is vital for a stress-free onsite experience. In the end, the interpretation experience is a sum total of various factors. The versatility of the interpreters, the quality of the equipment and your management skills play their parts to bring the whole thing together.

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