And permits face it, although the world is now within reach, we’re not all experts on every country and culture in the world.  We can trade, communicate, collaborate, think of and school anyone in any location all over the world. This large opportunity comes with fresh and incomparable challenges to reach fresh markets while conserving the nonrecreational, informed, dead image your organization

Not only are we effortlessly communicating over distances, we’re travelling faster and more often to experience businesses fresh developments in education and product development.  Conventions and events are an enthusiastic way to introduce the world to a new product, keep education sessions, discourse world issues or whatever meets your goal

Whether you’ve got Hillary Clinton, Bill Cosby, the home-town hero soccer mom, or the President of your company speaking at an event with a multi-cultural audience, everyone needs to receive the same message, with the same passion, flavor and tone as the speaker. Whether they talk Mongolian, Chinese, French, Italian or Swahili, its adjuratory that they get your message in their language

Here lies the unique challenge – maintaining your professional image while relying on a partner to effectively convey the intention and tone of your event to a foreign audience.  Step back and consider how much effort goes into being after a boffo event:

Event locationEvent décor/image Event set upEntertainmentFood and beverageLiteratureMarketingSpeakers


All of the pomp and circumstance in the world will amount to a marble in a little boy’s pocket if your international visitors don’t get out what you put in. Simply said, when it comes to language services you MUST choose a partner that:


1 Cares as much about your image and success as they do their own

2 Has a proven history of success in ALL language services including:

Translation, interpretation, voice over and cultural consulting

3 Has new, state-of-the art equipment that exceeds international ISO standards

4 Uses only the highest quality interpreters in YOUR specific field of expertise

Interpreters that are not just experts, but that care about the message and success of your event

5 – Is certified, accredited, recognized and awarded for their service

6 Has superior customer service validated by 3rd party feedback surveys


How can you spot a language company with these qualities?  Do a little research and consider the following:

1 Their website. Is it nonrecreational, easygoing to voyage, informational, up-to-date and asking for?

How a partner projects their image will demonstrate how they will project yours.

2 Some providers that offer only one service may say its best NOT to work with a company who provides multiple language services. However, it’s VERY crucial to work with a company that can successfully pull off ALL of your multilingual communication needs from translation to equipment to interpretation to multi-media, when communicating with a multilingual audience you MUST keep your message unseamed.  This includes:

Pre-Event materials: The communication starts with registration.  Having these forms in the participants’ languages will boost more attendance and set the stage for a boffo event.Marketing and website information: All materials that advertise the event must be done with creativity and understanding of the target culture.  A company that has expertise in aggregate services will be competent to support nonrecreational commercializing efforts in the target languages and render much necessitated social consultation too.Speakers’ scripts: When provided scripts in advance, a good language company will prepare their interpreters with as much information as possible.  Sending scripts aboriginal let the linguists to research especial terms, check up on company background and history, and be as set up as accomplishable.Interpreters: Selecting an interpreter is just as important as selecting the speaker.  If the interpreter has all the skill in the world, but is tiring, uninviting and can’t mimic the tone and energy of the speaker, the audience will neglect to get the smooth message.  Having one partner render all language services will insure that the experts have all of the materials, from get down to finish up to make the event enthusiastic.Equipment & Technicians: The technical aspect of the event is crucial to its success.  If everything is in place and the equipment is older, interrupted, doesn’t work or the technicians aren’t favorable and adapting, all early efforts are squandered.  


If you select a company that doesn’t offer an all encompassing approach to language, you risk having a disjointed message. Using many service providers will severely impacting your image and the outcome of your event, cost you additive time and money

3 Ask for actual pictures of the equipment you will be renting, including headsets, receivers, booths, transmitters, etc.  Many providers set pretty pictures on their websites, but the existent equipment may be older, uncombed, filthy or interrupted.  A company that will use less than impeccable equipment does not have your image in their best interest

4 When interviewing a language service company, ask:

If their interpreters are certified What experience they have in conference construingWhat their areas of specialty are (don’t accept an universal interpreter, they MUST have expertise in your subject matter)For specific feedback from clients about their on-the-job performance including skill and personality.

5 Check to see if the organization is certified, accredited and recognized for their work. A quality organization will prove their quality through third party certification much as ISO 9001:2008 or EN 15038 (internationally recognized quality certification organizations)

Great organizations will also have recognitions and awards.  It’s one thing to state you’re acceptable; it’s entirely antithetic to have an outside source corroborate it

6 Finally, talk to the project manager, the technicians, and anyone else who will represent your organization at the event.  If they aren’t organized and eager with superb customer service during the quoting process, you can guarantee they won’t be during the actual event.  Every partner is an extension of your image, so make bound they represent you well

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