Global Communication
Telephone Interpreting is carried the same way as face to face interpreting, but with all the parties including the interpreter over the telephone or video-conference. Telephone Interpreting is increasingly used within international businesses due to the rapid globalisation of trades. Companies with many different vested business interests in other countries need constant communication with their counterpart. It is not viable to be flying over to another country every time a board meeting is held. Hence, telephone interpreting provides an innovative and cost effective remote solution to the clients.

Telephone Interpreting Solutions
Telephone interpreting is also the best choice in urgent interpreting with very short notice. The interpreter can carry out the translation immediately regardless of where they are in the world. With telecommunication advancement today, it is easy to set up a conference call with the interpreter in a short period of time. Telephone interpreting offers the clients a flexible solution and it is particularly useful during unexpected circumstances where language is a barrier to negotiating a business deal or even accident emergency cases.

Confidentiality Maintained
Furthermore, telephone interpreting provides another distinct advantage over traditional face to face interpreting and that is privacy. Many clients prefer not to have a third party physically presence at the meeting due to anonymity concerns. They would prefer to keep their identity confidential. Telephone interpreting allows this to happen but still empowering helping the clients to beat the language barrier.

Telephone Interpreting Limitations
However, the strength of telephone interpreting might also be its weakness. It should be noted that telephone interpreting will not allow the interpreters to take into account of the body language and facial expression of the speakers. As we all know, human body language also conveys certain message during a conversations. Nevertheless, this pitfall can be overcome by using video-conferencing so that the interpreter will be able to view the parties face to face.

All in all, telephone interpreting does provide a flexible and immediate solution to unexpected circumstances but it also has its limits depending on the client’s personal needs.

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