For ease in communication, telephone communication has become a tremendous way of joining people over long distances. This can however be hampered with; due to language barriers hence the need for interpreters who can be able to offer telephone interpreting services to bridge the gap.

SOS Talk Telephone interpreting

The SOS telephone interpreting service providers are very efficient because of our professionalism and work duration in this field ensuring that our clients are provided with qualified interpreters who work hard towards achieving our clients interests at all time.

We are capable of meeting all your telephone interpreting needs because we currently have a qualified team of over 1000 interpreters to ensure effective communication for our clients.

We provide new, fast and easy way of reaching an interpreter without having to go through a call agent every time you have the need for some telephone interpreting services.

Our automated systems help you to be able to keep track of the interpreter who serves you and could even help you to request for them for future telephone interpreting services.

Working hours and days

Our systems are basically automated, to ensure that our clients are served at any time of the day throughout the week. This round the clock service provision ensures that our client’s telephone interpreting needs are adequately met even in situations where time differences would have been a barrier.

Our staff

SOS boasts a large team if professional interpreters from all over the world (bilingual and bi cultural) making our telephone interpreting an international endeavor regardless of where you are calling from.

Our staffs have undergone some rigorous training on telephone interpreting skills making them able to listen to speakers, analyze and come up with the real meaning in a message, interpret the message into another language without any alterations to the original meaning as well as maintaining real characterization, and ensuring that any sensitive cultural grounds are not injured.

We have all professional calibers (business, medical, legal, government, insurance etc) covered by our interpreters that whenever you call you can never miss an exceptionally qualified interpreter to serve your telephone interpreting needs.

Our efficiency

You can count on our telephone interpreting efficiency because of the speed of our automated machines in ensuring quick connectivity between you and the interpreters which we always have on stand by for your telephone interpreting assistance.

By encouraging our interpreters understanding individual client telephone interpreting needs, we are always sure that our interpreters can provide quality telephone interpreting services that leave the client coming for more from our interpreters whenever need arises.

Our charges

You can be sure to achieve the best from our world wide skilled interpreters for any telephone interpreting requirement at an affordable cost that you may never get anywhere else.

There are also available for our constant customers, discount rates that can be offered if consultation by our clients is made for such an arrangement to have a special low charge rate.