Article by Donald Lean

Translation and Interpretation are two different terms but are normally confused with each other. This write-up would help you to know the major difference between Translation and Interpretation. Though both translation and interpretation have a common goal i.e. to convert the information into another language from the source language in which it is available. But still there is a major difference that lies between the two of them.

Understanding The Terms Translation and Interpretation

Translation involves translating a written text such as an article or a book into the target language. Whereas, interpretation involves analyzing something spoken like a phone conversation or a speech and then orally translating it into your target language. Hence, to sum up in few words, translation is â??writtenâ?? and interpretation is â??oralâ??. A good translator may not necessarily be a good interpreter and vice versa.

Interpretation is an effective communication tool and considered to be expensive than the translation service. Interpretation facilitates communication at the spot of a verbal language and that too effectively.

The Difference Between The Two

Interpretation is a specialized skill that could take years to be learnt. Interpretation is an activity that takes place in a short span of time whereas translation of a subject matter is not bound by time constraints. In order to produce a translation, the translators can refer to certain books or take help of experts to beautify their translation. Whereas, such advantages are not open to the interpreters.

Basic Differences Between Translators And Interpreters

Translators are tactical writers who ensure that the original meaning of the content is not lost during the translation process. On the other hand, the interpreters possess excellent oral communication skills. The interpreters work in groups to provide an interpretation during phone conversation, lectures, seminars, etc. Whereas, the translators work alone while converting a written work into the target language. But, both the translators and interpreters should be capable enough to translate or interpret the desired information properly into the target language.

Skills Translators and Interpreters Should PossessThe basic skills that a translator should possess are – a good knowledge of the source language and be well versed with the countryâ??s culture from where the text originated. They should possesâ?? good writing skills. Further, they should have a good command over the grammar and the vocabulary of both the source and the target language. On the other hand, interpreter should have profound knowledge over the subject matter as being fluent in both the languages requires possessing certain important skills.

Both translation and interpretation services are increasingly becoming popular forms of communication on a global level. The Translation & Interpretation service providing companies are mushrooming at a faster pace imparting the best services.

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