A statement we oftentimes overhear from UK-based SMEs is “Why pay for professional translations when I can get it for gratuitous on Google and other sites?”. They conceive they are salvaging money by using such machine-generated web-grinded translation services. But are they truly doing themselves any favours in the recollective trot?

Let’s be clear about one thing…free forged-generated translations like Bubbles Translation Services own service http://www.bubblestranslation.com/english/translator.html DO have a place to play in business. However, since these are at selfsame better only 70% accurate, they will only give you a “gist” of the meaning. This accuracy level decreases rapidly for non-Western European languages.

Here is an example. Using any web-grinded machine-generated translation service, interpreting the following dissever into, say, Portuguese:

Archaeologists have discovered a second henge at Stonehenge, described as the most exciting find there in 50 years. The circular ditch surrounding a little circle of deep pits about a metre (3ft) wide has been unearthed at the world-famous site in Wiltshire.

and you will get:

Arqueólogos descobriram um henge segundo em Stonehenge, descrito como o mais emocionante encontrar lá em 50 anos. A vala circular que cerca um círculo menor de poços profundos aproximadamente um medidor (3ft) largamente unearthed no local mundialmente famoso em Wiltshire.

Now unless you happen to speak Portuguese, you will have no idea how accurate this is. So, let’s use the like service to “back-translate” this from Portuguese into English. You then get:

Archeologists had second discovered ane henge in the Stonehenge, described as most exciting to find back in 50 years. The ditch circular that surrounds a lesser circle of deep wells aproximadamente a measurer (3ft) wide unearthed in the world-wide famous place in Wiltshire.

As you can see, although you do get a reasonable idea of the intended meaning, the text is very bumble and lacks fluidity.

Now let’s say you receive an email from an unknown person in Portugal and just desired to get an idea of what it says. Machine-generate translation is fine for this – you tin then decide whether it is important plenty to get translated professionally. If that email turns out to be from a potential client wishing to place a big order from your accompany, you have three choices on how you can send your quotation, covering email/letter and accompanying literature:

a) Send your material in English.

Not a good idea. This shows you are not personalising your efforts for that individual client. From the client’s point of view, why are they going to bother considering a proposal they don’t understand, especially when they may have several alternative proposals from local suppliers?

b) Use machine-generated translations to translate the material into Portuguese.

Are you sure? Yes, it will cost you nothing but reckon the quality of the resulting material, what kind of impression will that give to your client? It will make them think that if you are not even worried about the quality of your proposal, will the quality of your products/services be also of a subaltern standard?

c) Use the services of a proper human-based translation serving such as Bubbles Translation Services.

This will tell your client that you are take them seriously and want to provide them with a comprehensive, professional service. Make them feel special!

You would be surprised how inexpensive professional human-based translations can be, especially when balancing this am against the possible value of new orders from your overseas clients. For the cost, you get a professional, accurate translation that has been fully checked, and hugely increases your chances of winning orders. Why go to all the cost and effort of marketing your company overseas, and then skimp on the final separated?

There is no second-string for translations produced by humans that are native-speaking, professional, qualified, experienced and specialist in their particular industry areas. Translation is a combination of art and science – it takes a professional to translate text in such a way that not only is it accurate, but also conveys the same title and tone of the original text, something that a forging will never be able to attain. The golden rule of translations is that a person reading the final interpreted material cannot tell that it is a translation – they believe that it has been written especially for them in their native language.

So think twice about using machine-generated translations. Is the short-term cost salvaging going to lead to long-term loss of business for you?

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