Humorous Interpretation is an one-person show.  However, unlike most one-person shows you can pick up at the theatre this show has a list of constraints.  There is no traveling from a repaired point, as if you have been super-glued into performance.  Limited time is a factor.  Content cannot be avant-garde.  And all characters must act with one another believably.  Humorous Interpretation’s attempt to sabotage your piece eventually pushes you to creatively get the better of and stand out those fallible hurtles.  Not that it is easygoing.  Believably acting with others as yourself is a particularly impressive feat.  But here are tips on how to do exactly that:

Height. Give this little touch when acting as a “ensemble.”  Suppose your Humorous Interpretation is Jack and the Beanstalk.  Jack, the narrator, is stood for by your height, but certainly your large is ginormous?  When your narrator speaks to the large he would have to appear up and the large must appear down.  Use this information as your characters act and slightly look up as Jack and slightly look down as the giant (NEVER concealing your face from the audience).  This example exemplifies how a little detail much as a head tilt callable to height can create the illusion of an ensemble.

Focal point. To solidify height use a central point.  A focal point is a repaired spot to hand over lines.  Why is this utilitarian?  Reflect back on any conversation you have had in the past week.  When you were mouthing did you glance all over the room and debar the eye contact of the other?  Most probable no.  In Humorous Interpretation you necessitate to set up where people are appearing to give the audience, and you, an idea of “where” people are.  A narrator tends to have a drooping focal point and simply talks to the audience.  Other characters though should have a denominated area to appear to append to the realism of people acting.  More than one character can look forward too.  Some HIers like to have sub-characters turn slightly to the side to further separate them and add variety.  The amount of characters in the HI, and the interpretation, will find out what sort of arrangement of people you will use for your ensemble.  Find something that works with your piece and be accordant.  Set focal points by training yourself on where/what angle to look for sure characters.

“Physical” interaction. If characters in your Humorous Interpretation “physically” act it needs to be absolutely tangible.  Transfers of energy utilize!  Basically, if a character pushes or gives energy towards another, the other must show the reaction to that energy.  A strike cannot be given without a head being turned.  If someone hands another an object then that go through needs to be dead on target and show the weight of the object being went through.  If this interaction is to be as accurate as accomplishable then your pops necessitate to be as lightening.  Newton’s law of for every action there is a balanced and other reaction is true–even in HI.

Interpretation. The only thing that will truly bring your Humorous Interpretation to the highest level of ensemble performance is to know your characters and script.  You necessitate to cognize the lines stale so they flow between characters with no commodious pauses.  You also need to have your characters’ mannerisms memorised and implanted into your muscle memory so pops are fast.  Further, your interpretation of the script itself must be complete.  Every character reaction and tactic utilized to gain a desire must be analysed and been after so you can create and execute the interaction believably.  Humorous Interpretation is not something you can just jump off into without aware thought and being after.  You act with yourself, often with much fast character transitions there is little time to mentally “wing it” and happen the emotion.  Finally, every character needs to have a clear-cut personality and physicality to be acknowledgeable from the ensemble

Following these tips can add detail and polish to your Humorous Interpretation that may boost your rank.  In HI you necessitate to believe that the camouflaged entity you are acting with is real–or at least understand that to your character that blankness holds a friend or enemy they are acting with.  The further you can give yourself over to you Humorous Interpretation the more credible it becomes

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And above all, have fun!

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