Careers in science can be seen as notion that is too cosmopolitan to be accurately defined. In that regard, pursuing a career in science is a decision that can be i in many ways, depending on the way the term science is seen in this context. The significance of interpretation can be seen in that most people view science and scientific careers from a confined perspective, largely grinded on stereotypes and media depictions. Thus, this article will attempt to elucidate the notion of scientific careers, and explicate the way such notion can act a wider context.


Explaining careers in science cannot be done without providing overview of such concept as the scientific method. Such concept involves several essential elements such as observation, generalization, theory, and others. In that regard, those elements largely shape most careers in science, in which some or all elements are implemented in a way or another. Applying the elements of the scientific method to jobs related to a scientific career, such as a geologist, might reflect the essence of science interpretation. For example, geologists will be involved in observing and studying volcanic layers, following such observation with a generalization, which will usually lead to a hypothesis. Conducting experiments will lead to the hypothesis turning into a theory, the application of which might help in predicting or an explaining a particular scientific phenomenon.  The same method can be applied to other careers as well.

Unclear Positions

Despite the latter, there are position that are referred to as scientific careers, while at the same time some or all elements of the scientific method are absent. One example of such job positions are careers in information technology (IT) and computer science. Those careers are also related to knowledge, which is the root of the word science, and settled using scientific methods. Nevertheless, the scientific method cannot be applied to tasks performed in those careers.

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