style=”text-align:warrant;”> The begin of the movie was truly bally and cruel that I thought it will go on further in the story but it’s not. Nicole Kidman who played as the UN Interpreter Silvia Broome heard a conversation that is an assassination plot will hap to the so named “The Teacher” who was a political conflict in South Africa.

I was fascinated on how well Ms. Kidman speaks on a foreign tribal language in South Africa and as well as French to make this movie more appealing. She really is a versatile actress. But the story at the end did not satisfy me when a lot of hidden things where not spoken to the character that Nicole played.

Phillippe a photographer friend who was with her brother Simon lied when in fact the movie would be juicier if he revealed the truth that her brother was among the dead during that particular meeting.

The chase for the culprit was boring because it was to slow and the CIA seems to be out of focus when they should have only interrogated Silvia and the photographer friend Philippe who was also killed.

As I have said, the story started very interesting and fine, but the ending was really disappointing. So many things should have happened for the viewers to see but it didn’t end like that.

The music score was just alright as it did promote a suspense action genre. The actors are just great and without any problem on how they portray the characters. The only thing which I was not satisfied was the story and how did the writers have come up with such lack of completeness in the story. Anyway, merely my own opinion to share and I still recommend anyone to watch this wonderful story which is obviously not for kids.

Written by StrawberryChocoDahi
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