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The need for professional translations has increased in today’s global marketplace. Translation is a very broad field with a large amount of specialized disciplines that each require thorough knowledge of complex subject matters. Different types of translations require well-trained translators who need to be specialized in that particular field. One such type of specialized translations is medical translations. Medical translators require a high level of specialization and knowledge of the medical field.

In general, a large number of medical documents in general are written in English, German and French, languages which may not be understood by a large number of people in foreign markets. So the translation of medical documents enables practicing doctors and medical students to study them. To sell medical equipments and products in non-English speaking countries, medical companies require highly professional and accurate translations. In fact getting medical documents translated is not a choice but it is a requirement. Doctors, researchers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and insurance agencies turn to translation service providers such as translation companies in Calgary or Winnipeg to get their various medical documents translated by well-trained experts.


There is a wide range of medical documents that may require translations, such as instructions written on boxing introduced, labeling, informed consent documents , regulatory submissions and many more. Other such medical documents which are translated include:


Patient records

Instruction manuals and brochures

Clinical study reports

User guides for medical staff and patients

Medical charts and texts

Packaging labels of medical equipments

Multimedia medical applications

Research protocols

General medical documents

Medical prescriptions

Patients questionnaires

Psychology papers

Patent applications

Product specifications

Hospital discharge summaries

Insurance claim

Medical questionnaires

Medical terminology glossaries

Manuscripts and various documents with medical terminology.


Entrusting a person to translate medical documents who is familiar with the source and the target language is not enough. Without the knowledge and in-depth understanding of medical concepts, advantageous medical terms and medical terminology, it is next to inconceivable to successfully translate medical documents. After all the science of medicine has its own language.


Therefore, whenever you seek medical translations, always choose a professional translation service provider, which could include a translation service in Winnipeg or translation company in Montreal which has translators who hold a specialization in the medical field. It is best if the translators hold a degree in science or a medical translation certification. The translation company must also cover a wide range of medical areas ranging from dentistry, anesthesiology, cardiology, endocrinology, and gynecology to medical instrumentation, veterinary medicine, orthopedics to pharmaceuticals.


Translation quality is essential in serving the medical industry . Translations service providers must ensure to provide outstanding translation quality within often tight deadlines. Medical documents contain highly critical information and any misinterpretations must be ruled out. Make sure to always choose a highly professional and reliable translation company.


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