There are thousands of dream interpreters in this world, but none of them can prove that you can absolutely trust their method of dream translation even before they start translating the messages.

Dream interpretation is somewhat like astrology. Some people believe that there is a meaning in these sciences, while others don’t even consider them as sciences that should be respected and seriously examined by everyone. This happens mainly because the several dream interpretation methods that exist don’t really translate the dream’s meaning exactly as it is and because the materialist mentality of our civilization despises what it cannot understand or explain.

The translation from one language to the other is very difficult. Depending on the document you have to translate, things can be very difficult! Now imagine how much more difficult it is to translate images into words. In your dreams, you see images and sometimes you talk or hear voices. Your dreams are like a movie and you have to translate the message contained in this movie into words, so that your conscience may understand what the dream is revealing you. This is very difficult indeed!

I had to conduct very serious research before I could find the unique method of dream interpretation that was absolutely correct and understand exactly how the psychology of dreams works. Then I had to delay present my work to the public by 19 years because I discovered that there is too much craziness in the human psyche and I had to simplify a very complicated method of dream interpretation so that it could be understood and followed by everyone.

In the beginning of my studies (1988) I even remember visiting the National Library of Athens, Panepistimiou Street (we didn’t have the Internet at that time), looking for information about the Etrurians or Etruscans who disappeared with the Roman Empire. Something told me that their language would reveal something very important to the world, something that could be related to the interpretation of dreams. Here is some information about their story:

“In 396 BC, with the fall of Veii, the Romans resolved to conquer a section of Etruria but the Italian situation did not give them peace.

The Etruscans forces fought to regain the territory of Veii, but the Roman federation has no political cohesion and therefore, it was not involved.

The Celts invaded and conquered all Cisalpine Gaul right up to Gallic Sena (or Senigallia in the Marches).

Until then, Rome had never come in contact with the Celts and was not acquainted with their formidable impact; however, Rome was not concerned because it is separated from the Celts by Etruria.

Etruria was not politically hostile towards the Celts, but they were conciliatory and diplomatic. Etruria knows that it could not directly compete with the Celtic tribes who had taken the dodecapoli of Cisalpine Gaul”.

Here is some information about their language:

“Unlike Greek and Latin, Etruscan, which is the third great ancient cultural language in Italy, does not survive in any great literary works. An Etruscan religious literature did exist, and evidence suggests that there was a body of historical literature and drama as well. For example, the name of a playwright, Volnius, of obscure date is known, who wrote “Tuscan tragedies.” Although there is no evidence of notation, it is possible that Etruscan music was in written form.

The Etruscan language is universally accepted as an isolated case. It cannot be shown conclusively to be related to any other language, living or dead, except for a couple of sparsely attested extinct languages.

Based on the few inscriptions that were discovered, Raetic, which is recorded in the Alps, was clearly related to Etruscan.

Lemnian, recorded on the island of Lemnos, also appears to have been related to Etruscan. A third language, Camunic, sparsely recorded in NW Italy and written in the Etruscan alphabet, may possibly also have been related, but the evidence is too sparse to allow any firm conclusions.

At the time of imperial Rome, Etruscan ceased to be spoken although it continued to be studied by priests and scholars. The emperor Claudius (death, 54 CE) wrote a history of the Etruscans in 20 books, now lost, which was based on sources that were still preserved in his day. The language continued to be used in a religious context until late antiquity; the final record of such use relates to the invasion of Rome by Alaric, chief of the Visigoths, in 410 CE, when Etruscan priests were summoned to conjure lightning against the barbarians.

There is a corpus of over 10,000 known Etruscan inscriptions, with new ones being discovered each year. These are mainly short funerary or dedicatory inscriptions, found on funerary urns, in tombs or on objects dedicated in sanctuaries. Others are found on engraved bronze Etruscan mirrors, where they label mythological figures or give the name of the owner, and on coins, dice, and pottery. Finally, there are graffiti scratched on pottery; though their function is little understood, they seem to include owners’ names as well as numbers, abbreviations, and non alphabetic signs”.

As you can see, Etruscan language has been ignored until today. The Etruscans were happy people and they could make predictions by interpreting the weather. I was immensely curious to learn how I could translate their language when I learned about their existence.

I started caring for the correct scientific method of dream interpretation and concluded that only Carl Jung’s method could be used in any kind of dream while other methods could be applied only in a limited number of cases. At this point, I dreamt that someone told me that I would discover the mysterious language of the Etruscans and would be able to translate their documents.

The symbolic meaning of this dream revealed that I would discover how Etruscans made predictions by observing the weather changes, just as I would be able to predict the future by interpreting my own dreams and those of others. This was because I continued Carl Jung’s research through dream interpretation into the unknown region of the psychic sphere and discovered what really causes craziness to the human being: the anti-conscience, which is violent, primitive and evil and is responsible for the a priori existence of craziness in the human mind.

I could interpret dreams better than Jung himself because I have been a writer since I was 7 and by interpreting my own poetry, I could understand the meaning of the dream symbols much better. In particular, the literary book I started to write after a terrible car accident was full of archetypes: universal dream symbols that appear in dreams, religious manifestations and art works of all the civilizations of the world. Interpreting the symbolism of the strange romance I wrote after the accident I suffered when I was 15, I could understand exactly how to translate the dream symbols into words.

Of course, if you are a poet, you have to be able to interpret poetry and in the old days, the scientific method of dream interpretation was like interpreting poetry. Since I knew very well how to interpret the literary meaning of poetry, it was not difficult for me to understand how to apply this knowledge to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Jung, which was the only correct method. I have verified this in my own life after precisely following the guidance of the unconscious through my dreams, which has helped me completely understand the psychology of dreams.

Besides this, a literary writer is usually also a philosopher and a psychologist who is constantly trying to understand human nature.

I felt that I could trust the unconscious because I understood that the magic inspiration of my literary works came directly from there. It was a gift that I received—a great talent in literature that would help me not only to understand the beauty of art and keep my sensitivity alive forever but also help me understand how to exactly interpret dream symbols. Thus, I could discover the anti-conscience that constantly tries to cause craziness to the conscience and I discovered how everyone could prevent and cure any kind of mental illness.

This is the importance of my work: the discovery of the anti-conscience and the necessity of indispensable psychotherapy in the human being so that one may eliminate the anti-conscience by transforming it into a positive part of the conscience.

The psychology of dreams is based on craziness prevention and cure. Everything you see in your dreams is always trying to protect you from your anti-conscience that can only destroy your life through craziness and despair.

Your dreams are very important lessons from the wise and saintly unconscious mind, which has evolved much more than our conscience because it is much older. Its age cannot even be calculated. It is a perfect mind, without ego and evil, but which has saintly characteristics and constantly tries to save the human being from terror, which is the result of the craziness caused by the domination of the anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is a wild and sneaky creature like a shark. It has to be tamed by the conscience and transformed into a part that will bring balance to the psyche. This part contains many qualities that can be very helpful for the human being when tamed and developed like the conscience.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.

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