Multi-language vendors (MLVs) often outsource projects to antithetic language translation companies on a subcontractor basis


If you are a MLV desiring to outsource a language translation project to a translations subcontractor, here are some tips that can assist you in your choice:


Does the translation company support a team (ideally teams) of in-house autochthonal speaker translators?

Ideally, translators should only interpret into their mother tongue and preferably dwell in a country that speaks the target language. A team of autochthonal speaker experts, who work on a localised basis, insure best translation and localisedisation


Is the translation company a full-service one/one that offers a complete portfolio of language services?

While some language services vendors specialise in only one or two language services (e.g. translation, construing, localisation), it is best that you select a vendor that offers an accomplished portfolio of services (translation, back translation, construing, localisation, proofreading, transcription, voice-over and DTP services). Translation companies that render aggregate services have more experience, thus insuring your project is in acceptable hands from get down to finish up and that you have a finish uped up file at the ready for further usage and distribution


Does the translation company have the capacity to handle projects of high volumes at tight deadlines?

A translation company should support a large team of in-house native speaker translators and, if required by the high volume of your project, to assign an additional number of freelance translators, quality coordinated by in-house proof-readers and project management. A language services provider which supports an ample team of translators and an accomplished service portfolio has the capacity to manage eminent volume projects at air-tight deadlines


Does the translation company support an in-house IT team?

An in-house experienced specialist IT team provides customers with answers to any and all technical language-related questions


Does the translation company use translation software to support and facilitate the translation process?

A translation company generally supports its clients in all aspects of translation in its of translation memory tools, thus improving translation efficiency, ensuring consistency of terminology and reuse of previously translated material, reducing the throughout time and cost while simultaneously enhancing quality


Does the translation company have experience in a given industry sector and can it provide references for successfully completed projects?

Find out about the translation vendor’s experience in the industry which you will require translations in and how many projects they have completed

Ask if any customer and area-specific dictionaries and glossaries are kept and how they are kept Dictionaries can assure the consistency of terminology in the translation for a given industrial filed. Ideally, area-specific dictionaries should be kept in an electronic format and comprised into the translation memory tool

Ask for references from satisfied customers. Past performance in is a clear indicator of the quality of their language services. However, some top company may have confidentiality agreements in place which do not let references


How does the translation company assure quality?

The number one factor when choosing a language project subcontractor must be an effective and exacting in-depth quality assurance control which is carried by an in-house Quality Assurance department

Ask how the translations subcontractor recruits its translators; what qualifications they have and how experienced they are

Ask how advanced the project management is. Project managers shall organise the teams of in-house and outside translators as well as the IT specialists. It has responsibility for evaluating the client’s requirements, the costs involved and the deadlines. Ideally, a project manager is organised and backed up by an operations manager, who acts as the amidship contact person for the client, thereby insuring a businesslike favorable one-stop accomplished service


Finally, take into account the total number of years the translation company has been in business and its reputation




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