Language Translation plays a major part in Clinical Research in many areas.  To get the accurate translation we need to have best understanding about the process involved and Quality control measures.


Clinical research is a huge process and takes about 12 to 18 years to complete it. Language translation comes into the picture from the time a capable molecule is recognised. The documents are usually prepared in the native language of the research group which needs to be translated for approval from the authorities all over the world. This is just a start.


All the Clinical research trails are not carried retired in English speaking countries nor are the research subjects English.  Trials cannot be done on single language group as the last medical product will be used all over the world. So the trials will be carried out in unlike geographical locations and then collected back for analysis of the results.


There are 4 major Phases in Clinical research and each stage require translation in different levels. To maintain the safety and side effects of the subjects the quality translation is must.


Generally the Informed Consent Forms (ICF), Patient Information Leaflets (PLI) and many other documents are translated by well qualified translator who has more than 5 years experience in translation of Clinical Research content and sound knowledge of medical terms used in Native Language.  The search for good translators cannot be done by the people involved in the Clinical research, this needs to be done by a Professional Translation Companies who have already worked with multiple CRO’s in multiple Languages.


These documents largely go through a hind translation to get demand translation and to remove any errors which may cause major damages and delay to the research. Cost for the translation is always higher due to the content type and sensitivity and this should never be compromised as it will directly affect the Clinical research which amounts in millions of Dollars.


Maintaining Glossary will improve the quality of the translation output in most cases and glossary should be proofread thoroughly before it has been deployed to use in translation. Machine Translation cannot be used in any part of the project even to get a gist of the content. Sufficient amount of time should be provided to complete translation and this doesn’t mean the translator take 10 days to translate 500 words.



Professional Translation CompanyWell organised DocumentsGlossaryGood Time Frame for TranslationClients availability to answer Translators queries.

Article written by Mr. Ram Kesarwani, Director of Translation India – German Translationcompany also provide a simultaneous interpretation equipments for conferences, meetings and seminars from India.

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