If you personal a business which deals with alien clients on an ongoing basis, you will often happen yourself having to deal with the issue of language translation. Obviously as a business, you desire to insure that you have an acceptable quality translation service at an affordable price. So the issue that faces many companies is whether you should engage a freelance translator, or contact a translation agency and perhaps pay a little more than you would for a freelancer. Either way, a decision needs to be made: To freelance, or not to freelance, THAT is the question!

Let’s take an appear at some of the pros and cons of each abstracted entity and then perhaps sum these factors up and see which way we happen ourselves tilting:

Freelance language translators:

There is no shortage of freelance language translators around the world. All you necessitate to do is a fast Google search and you will be confronted with hundreds of translators just imploring to take care of your language translation necessitates. The first issue you will face is seeking to figure out who is an acceptable translator and who is traveling to waste your time and money. I intend, how do you, as an English talking person, cognize whether or not someone’s French language translation is grammatically and factually accurate? Do you engage another freelancer to proof the first freelancer’s work? Seems a bit comprehensive doesn’t it?

On the other hand though, maybe a careful freelancer has a really acceptable reference and track record and comes urged by other companies. This way, at least you cognize they’re the tangible deal. Chances are that their language translation services will be cheaper than an agency so you’ll at least be salvaging a few pounds

So, perhaps they’ll salvage you some money, but what happens when you suddenly necessitate specialised language translation? Something like medical or court-ordered translation – your moderate freelancer is most probable not traveling to cognize the medical translation for PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SILICO­VOLCANO­CONIOSIS – which is a tangible word I’ll have you cognize, it is a lung disease done by taking a breath in particles of siliceous extrusive dust. Ok, so I’ve selected the longest word (literally) in the English dictionary as an example, but the fact is that a specialized medical language translator would know what the accurate French term for this disease is

Language translation agency:

The biggest “con” when it comes to engaging a language translation agency versus engaging a freelancer, is the cost involved. Naturally, a language translation agency is usually traveling to be a little more big-ticket. The reason however is that you are most probable going to be having a more businesslike, altered and organised service from an authorised language translation agency

Finding an esteemed language translation agency will be a lot easier than seeking to figure out if a freelancer is adequate to or not. A uncomplicated Google search matched with a little research will get you in touch with a translation agency in no time

Language translation agencies are also more probable to specialise in many fields as fought back to just alkalic translation. If you’re covering with alien matters, you’ll necessitate to happen an esteemed court-ordered translation agencythat is fitted out with language translators who have a court-ordered background and understand the antithetic trends in law from antithetic countries

Agencies obviously also have more capacity to take on many tasks at once, so you’ll never be gone forth holding off too abundant for anything to be executed. With the fact that they have numerous language translators in an agency as well, you can be insured that your work will be done by one translator and then proofed by another translator which results in more dead on target and nonrecreational work


Well, clearly I had already had my mind made up before composing this article, but in my experience engaging a nonrecreational language translation agency is always traveling to result in a more businesslike service. Yes, you will most probable have to pay a little bit more, but this is nothing likened to the costs that could result from an incorrectly interpreted court-ordered document. So, the answer to the question: To freelance or not to freelance? Language translation agency is the answer!

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