According to media reports associated information, March 15, International Consumer Rights Day, talented men’s participation in the interior renowned enterprise “full faith commitment to quality and service” activities, focus on product quality and service quality, further quality and integrity, act concrete actions to the having society public oversight, to execute their societal responsibilities.

Over the years, five thousand years of Chinese culture wit national culture as the foundation, with forward thinking, and work Brand Ambassador Tony Leung, gifted designers who continue to bring in international elite forces, strengthen independent R & D, has formed a series of business suits, business and leisure series , leisure and family life, and the wedding series, four styles. Which features fine grain color T-shirt, embroidered shirt collar, they adopted Western Jin, Kam mining acclaimed series has won consumer praise.

Of course, in addition to the above increase investment in R & D efforts, wit the pursuit of product quality to strive for excellence, and strictly control product quality, improve service quality, creating the credit business, which is genius shares the inherent requirements of their own development, but also business to consumer, the necessary commitment to the community. Wets relevant responsible person said, the company has always attached importance to quality from the source control, to strengthen the fiber material, gyrating, weaving, Nike Air Max 24-7 dye auxiliaries, textile completing, dyeing and finishing process and for quality checks.

Secondly, the auxiliary materials like clothing orders for strict control on the quality of a large hidden materials, the company shall not be developed to ensure that a large shipment of products for the quality and stability. Strengthen the technical indicators on product safety testing at the same time, may result in security technology for a variety of factors to control risks, such as: the brand of dye auxiliaries, textile finishing a variety of chemicals, clothing and other medicine used for washing Nike Air Max special requirements ensure formaldehyde, biodegradable aromatic amine dyes, odor, PH value, color fastness, and heavy metal content in the standard range.

Meanwhile, the quality of genius weekly sampling, the product defect ranked assessment, based on the results of quality control personnel, managers, technicians, and factory workers head of reward and punishment, populate who participate in prize, and assorted links good job quality; will be closely integrated quality control and after-sales service, customer complaints and returns and quality performance of personnel and related facility linked, so that quality control roughshod more real place, Nike Air Max 2009 so that the quality control of more targeted, more for sex. The second cut by technology, using two sets of hair shortened and fine cut version, with fabric shrinking process, so that more precise cut, the version size is more stable, more clothes and overall appearance. provided Lots of low-toned price but high quality including Air Max 90,Air Max 2009,Nike Air Max 24-7,Nike Air Max Shoes,Cheap Nike Air Max,Nike Air Max 2009,we have thousands of Nike Air Max,Air Max 24-7 ,GUCCI Sunglassesand Air Max Shoes Wholesale.

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