Spanish is one among the top five languages of the world which is most commonly spoken. It is gauged that Spanish is widely talked by 341 million people all over the world. Spanish is the authorised language in 21 countries across the globe. Spanish language plays an important role in the arena of Latin Americans worldly development and a foreign presence. As Spanish spoken by approximately 50 million peoples in Europe so it is one of the official languages of the European Union

Technical description that accompanies product details is an important part of the business success because it reflects well the company’s competence and assures its customers that they have chosen the right goods and services. In order to makes its position in foreign markets companies needs to be multilingual, which includes translation of commercial documentation into Spanish language too. Technical Spanish translation of user guides, manuals and other technical documents requires not only acceptable linguistic abilities but also superior knowledge and experience in the given field

There is a growing demand for technical Spanish translation from companies working in various fields including automotive industry, aviation industry, electrical and electronic engineering, medical and pharmaceutical industry, mobile industry, marine industry, agro-based industries, travel and tourism etc. The main area of demand for Spanish translation of commercial documents are masterminding specifications, Product literatures, drawings, Users Guides, blueprints, installation instructions or Installation manuals, advertizing brochures and catalogs, Operating Manuals, video presentations, system requirement documents, commercial manuals, reports and technological journals, Pre sale and post sale booklets, service manuals, patents, Maintenance manuals, Service manuals,  commercial training material, commercial brochures, CAD drawings,  data sheets, E-Learning,  Bill of Materials, caring documents, Labels, Presentations, Safety Manuals (for print and interactive media), Software and Hardware UI, Technical proposals, Training materials, Website, Other commercializing Materials Magazines, periodicals and much more

Lyric Labs is a ISO 9001 and DIN EN 15038 certified company and one of the largest providers of Spanish technical translation services with a focus on certified translation services to leading manufacturers, multinational companies and contract research and development organizations