There are a couple of branches of translation as a donnish discipline: translation and interpretation. The first works with penned texts, and the results of a work are written; interpretation branch works with unwritten translation. Both branches are subdivided into unlike subbranches, such as translation esthetic, scientific, juridic, interpretation word by word and co-occurrent, and others.A TranslationA translation is a type of donnish knowledge which balances between creativeness and vital systematical scientific techniques. Demands to а final text are very high, as written errors burst upon readers’ eyes. Oral speech is less strict to wording and permits more inaccuracy. Aesthetic TranslationA translator of aesthetic papers meets an original 1st as a trusting reader, and then he/she examines it with eyes of an expert. When he/she starts his/her work, he/she does functions of 3 different people: the one who reads an original, feeling and valuing it, the one who performs a role of connection between 2 languages, and the one who reads and apprehending a translated text. Distinctions between Prosaic and Poetic TranslationA poetic translator transfers the concept and the atmosphere of an original; a prosaic translator scrupulously transfers style, thoughts, atmosphere and shape of the original as much as it is allowed by linguistic principles. Scientific and Juridical TranslationScientific and juridical sorts of translation requirement from a translator profound knowledge in the area, which concerns his/her work. It’s crucial in order not to mess up various terms and to understand the way, for example, a mechanism terms and not to make a false instruction that may cause an accident. Wrongly translated covered does not have juridical power; it lowers translator’s and his/her customers’ prestige.An InterpretationSimultaneous and word by word interpretation demands clear, advantageous and faultless transferring of the sense of speaker’s speech. It is a hard and challenging task.

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