A Translation marketplace site is like a job portal. In fact, it is even better than a job portal. It is a medium that enables direct interaction between employers, consumers, and translation freelancers. Here, the employer is an individual, a small company or an NGO, who seeks to hire translators and interpreters as freelance language experts. This online medium is an excellent platform to find, meet and work with translation experts. Here is how this medium helps both parties:

Benefits For Freelancers

Translators can create a profile on this website and look up for customers and projects. You are given a free web page that can be used as a CV or blog. This medium allows you to communicate and make friends with fellow colleagues. There are several online tools that will facilitate the work, such a chat feature, community features like being able to add people as direct contacts, a translation project management system, forums, etc.

Benefits For Customers

A Translation marketplace site is a good place to find and contact professional linguistic experts (translators, proofreaders, interpreters) who can translate perfectly.

You can also post your projects through this site and get free quotations online by email. There are different tools to communicate with pro-translators. Apart from that, there are two types of search options, basic search and advanced search. All you have to do is create an account on this website and start looking for freelancers.

The website offers a host of services for both employers and employees. Read on to learn more about these services.

Types Of Services

Profile Creation: Creating a professional profile is crucial.

It is like a marketing tool that highlights your skill set. This site has various cool tools that can help you create an eye-catching profile. In addition to that, profiles listed on the site can be validated manually by the site’s team (this is a paid service), this ensures there is no scamming and shows that the website means serious business.

Testing Service: Employers who seek the services of professional translators can test their responsiveness and level of professionalism. These testing tools are simple and easy to use.

Dispute Resolution: Translation marketplace site offers this additional service to ensure that there are no disputes among employers and employees. Although, this medium is free for use for both parties, it takes the responsibility of resolving disputes, should there be any.

If you still have some doubts, read our FAQ’s for more information. We are sure it will clear all your doubts.


Can I Decide The Price At Which I Want To Work?

Yes, translators can set their pricing information freely on the site. You can decide the minimum price per project. If you choose language pairs, then you can choose to charge the professional fee on per word or per hour basis. You can also set your preferred currency for receiving payments from customers.

Is This Service Free?

Yes, this service is free for customers looking for freelancers. However, professional translators can enjoy a range of services, some being free and others paid. The free services enable you to use all the main features of the translation marketplace site. There is a paid service too that enables you to enjoy more visibility and better features.

Is This An Open Market Place?

Yes, this is an open market place for both linguists and translators. They can meet and interact with those who want to hire their services.

Translation marketplace site is a perfect place to find freelance translators. This marketplace offers free as well as paid services and is the best medium for finding translation services.