Translation prices

On the Web today, one can find a number of translation service agencies which offer translations for prices that are ranging from 10 eur or lower to 50 eur or higher for the typical translation page. In Slovenia, the typical norm for the translated page is 1500 characters without spaces. When one needs translation services from the translation agency it is likely the best decision to choose a translation agency somewhere in the middle of these price ranges thereby ensuring the avoidance of translations of lower  quality or overpaying for translation. Of course, for tehnical, medicine legal translation it is sometimes necessary to go with the quality, due to the sensitive nature of the texts involved, which may sometimes lead to paying a relatively high price. The old saying is that you get what you paid for and in case of legal translations for example, it is better to pay well for quality.

Translation with proofreading – what is it

Translation with proofreading is the translation of the text and then a further review  of the correctness of the translated text. Editing or additional corrections may be vague, so that the translator makes only an approximate review of the translation and only to a limited extent helps himself/herself with the original text. It can be a review of the “native speakers” to adapt the translation of certain features of a certain language to the culture and locality and to improve the style of the text. Alternatively, it is an accurate review of the translation work, which is of course the most effective and of the best quality, namely, that the translator verifies the correctness of the translation work sentence by sentence. The translation prices are also the highest for this type of translation with proofreading.

Translation services or prevajanje are offered by Prevajanje.

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