The next calculation of the time you should spend on a translation is how much your competitors spend – and thus charge for their services. Should you charge more, less or the same? The easy way out is less, but that is a dead end street: it implies you need the work and so can be forced to go lower. Remember, however, that it is easy to drop prices, but difficult to raise them. And you may get so much work that you cannot cope with it, but you cannot outsource it because your prices are already lower than your competitors… so you end up doing shoddy translations, and so your low price is justified. If you are more expensive, you may have less work, but it will be more profitable. The best solution? Be competitive in price, but provide a better service… ©AMD Do you have any useful tips for fellow translators? Feel free to share them with Inttranews readers, and increase your professional and social networks! Please send your one-paragraph tip to Malcolm Duff, Inttranews Chief Editor, at malcolm-duff [AT] if useful, it will be published free of charge on Inttranews with a link to your web page.
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